Increased Voter Turnout

So far this primary season, participation has increased substantially since last time around.  In most states turn out has been record breaking!  Here's some article to give you an idea of what I mean:

Texas on Pace for Record Voter Turnout

High Turnout expected as Ohio Voters Brave Wintry Weather

Super Tuesday: Expect 'historic' voter turnout in California - 69k

Record Turnout in Iowa Caucuses

Dems' South Carolina Turnout Confounds Expectations

Political Radar: New Hampshire Turnout 'Absolutely Huge'

Overall Turnout High for Nevada Caucuses

NPR: Washington Democrats Brace for Record Turnout

Voter Turnout Up in DC Primary

Missouri Turnout Looks to be Higher than Expected

Turnout is Strong in Kansas

(in Alaska) Record turnout turns caucus into cacophony 

Record High Turnout Predicted in Hawaii

Tuesday's Primary Broke Turnout Record

High Turnout Predicted in RI

I think you get the idea.. For more perspective I got 392,000 hits when I googled "Record High Turnout in 2008" and I'm horrible at using search engines.

When I was looking at average voter turn out in the past presidential primaries, percentages ranged anywhere from 4% to 32% being the highest I could find.  Turnout this year is often breaking 40%.  Not to mention Hispanic turnout in California and Texas broke records, Youth Turnout has been colossal, and African American turnout has been record breaking as well.